Digital Marketing on a Budget – AdTech Asean 2015

Digital Marketing on a Budget – AdTech Asean 2015

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Accompanying slides available at:

Given at ad:tech Asean 2015 July 8th in Singapore by MWI’s CEO Josh Steimle, who is typing this, so I’ll break out of the third person.

I was assigned this topic, and it was a fun one. I love being able to give actionable tips, and this talk includes 10 of them–all free or very close to free. Most not all that time consuming either. Ranges from basics like “Get a mobile friendly site already!” (with some more details on how) to how to come up with ideas for blog posts. Oh, and of course, you can’t leave out HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Also, tips on SlideShare, YouTube, and blogging.

Shoutouts to Wil Reynolds at, Moz, Gartner, HostGator, Yoast, Google, Canva, SlideShare, TinyLetter, YouTube, Chinese Obama, and Chris Reed with

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