Digital Marketing Intensive-  How to Build your own Profitable Internet Business

Digital Marketing Intensive- How to Build your own Profitable Internet Business

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This 2-day hands- on digital marketing program provides a step-by step guide to create and develop a profitable action plan that can be executed immediately for any individuals, start up business, company and SME by the end of the program.

This workshop helps you to:
– Obtain the knowledge and skills to develop and enhance a revenue-generating website that draws new visitors, converts leads into sales and cultivate repeat business
– Promote your company, your clients or yourself through social media, viral video, affiliate networks, and other Internet marketing tools.
– Drive more traffic to your site with advanced search engine marketing techniques
– Use web analytics to fine-tune your online strategy and boost conversion rates
– Adapt the best practices of successful digital marketers for your own websites or campaign

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to hire a digital marketer when you can learn how to be a digital marketer yourself.

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