Digital Marketing infographic

Digital Marketing infographic

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There is no question that the digital world is the fastest growing part of daily life in the middle east. Yet managers and marketing professionals know very little about it.

Innovety and IXL Center are pleased to introduce the most comprehensive digital marketing and eCommerce capacity building program in the Middle East. This for sure the fastest and easiest way to turn you, your team and brand into a digital leader in as fast as 3 days.

Our widely praised digital marketing and eCommerce program is the only training program that covers the 360-degree aspects of digital strategy in 3 days. The program focuses on delivering real results that impact the bottom line, brand exposure and customer engagement.

The training is practical with no theory. Gives hands-on experience in using tools, and tons of tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes. You will learn about Google analytics. How to drive traffic to your business using Google adwords, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and much more! Most importantly, how to convert this traffic into sales! Finally, the program gives you a unique chance to discover the untold secrets of selling online.

We are digital strategy practitioners. We’ve built many successful e-commerce businesses and have trained hundreds of professionals. Be a digital leader today and contact us at

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