Digital Marketing Corporate Training [Mandarin] for Sales – Client Testimonial

Digital Marketing Corporate Training [Mandarin] for Sales – Client Testimonial

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Louisa Chan conducted another corporate training workshop in a series of training for Coway Malaysia.

This 2-Day intensive training workshop was conducted in Mandarin to suit the client’s requirement.

The workshop focused on helping sales agents and managers tap into digital marketing for generating awareness, traffic and leading potential customers closer to knowing and trusting the agents before they are comfortable “doing business” with the company.

Participants came from all over Malaysia, most speak English and Mandarin and this workshop was customized for those who prefer discussion using the Chinese language.

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Who’s Louisa Chan?

Louisa Chan is a certified marketing coach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who works with coaches, trainers, teachers, tutors and small business owners who want to start their own authentic heart-centered online businesses.

She works with her team to provide marketing services to independent professionals and small businesses.

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