Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania

Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania

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Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania visit
Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania

The reason for this post guys “Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania” is I am here living In Arusha Tanzania. I feel it is time to draw your attention to the power of Digital Marketing as I have seen here in Tanzania that you the business owners are slow to embrace Digital Marketing and understand that your website should be working for your business on a 24 hour basis.
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You have to understand your website should be the most powerful tool you have when it comes to marketing your business. Now guys you have to understand that you have to embrace social media marketing and search engine optimisation and even paid advertising if you have a budget.
Too many of you have paid a lot of money for a website but it is not performing. What I mean when I say not performing is quite simple you are not gaining any customers from it. Even though many of them look great and are well designed. They are not optimised for the search engine. When you are designing your website you have to ask the question, how will this increase and develop my business? The answer is quite simple Search engine optimisation (SEO). What is SEO it is techniques and strategies to get ranked within the search engines: For more information on SEO click on this link Search Engine Optimisation.
Colm McGill Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania

Ok guys please check out the rest of my site you will see loads and loads of information on all things to do with Digital marketing and many tips and tricks for you the business owner to start winning.
Also guys here is a list of our main services here at Colm McGill :
• Website design and redesign/optimisation to generate leads and sales
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Google Adwords
• Facebook advertising and other SMM Strategies
• Email marketing
• Content marketing and content creation
• Marketing 360
I hope I highlighted what you need to start doing guys here in Tanzania to succeed in this new world of Digital marketing. I also hope you have enjoyed my post on “Digital Marketing Consultant Tanzania”
I look forward to hearing from you soon

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