digital marketing benefits

digital marketing benefits

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Digital Marketing Course is a must for all sellers online whether on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you can do it for only Rs. 499/- on website link payment gateway link

The price is now updated to 499/- the video was made when the price was 199 but it was only a limited period offer

Syllabus of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
2 A New Approach
2.1 Utilising Digital Marketing in the Digital Era
2.2 Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing
2.3 Latest Developments and Strategies
1 Starting your Blog
2 Plan your Blog Posts
3 Need for a Blog
4 Engage your Reader
5 Promote your Blog
6 Set up Google Authorship
7 Benefits of Guest Blogging
1 Facebook Page
2 Getting Started with Facebook Pages
2.1 Creating a Facebook Business Page in minutes
3 Right Size Images for Facebook Cover and Profile
4 Ideas for Facebook Cover Photo
5 Create Better Facebook Content
6 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page
6.1 Getting Started with Facebook Marketing
6.2 Promote Your Business on Facebook
7 Schedule Facebook Page Posts Ahead of Time
8 Best Time to Post on Facebook
9 Facebook Insights
10 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook
11 Advertising on Facebook
12 Use Facebook Ads to Achieve Local Success
13 Glossary
1 Setting up Twitter Profile
1.1 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter
2 Use Twitter Effectively
3 Create Twitter Lists
4 Use Twitter to Build Relationships for Your Business
5 Find Leads on Twitter
6 Tweet Chats
7 Twitter Analytics
8 Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter
9 Glossary
10 12 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners & Marketers
1 What is Pinterest
2 Getting Started with Pinterest
3 What to Pin
4 Creating a Perfect Pin
5 Getting Noticed on Pinterest
6 Promote your Pinterest Page
7 Using Pinterest Analytics
8 A Few questions on Pinterest
9 Common Mistakes to Avoid
10 Glossary
1 How to Upload a Video to YouTube from Start to Finish
2 Getting Started on YouTube
2.1 Edit Videos Using The YouTube Video Editor
3 Online Videos You Can Make Without Spending
4 Promote your Videos to make them go Viral
5 Take Advantage of YouTube without Creating Your Own Videos
6 Mistakes that Make People Hate Your Videos (And How to Avoid Them)
7 Youtube Analytics
8 How to use Youtube for Business

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