Digital Marketing and Analytics in SAS Global Forum 2017 (Orlando)

Digital Marketing and Analytics in SAS Global Forum 2017 (Orlando)

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Juan Merodio Interview about digital marketing and analytics in SAS Global Forum 2017 in Orlando

1.      We are so glad to seeing you here again. What experiences and teachings do you keep from past SGFs?

Thank you for having me here for one more year. I have very good memories from the last SAS GLOBAL FORUM, one of them is the Arianna Hufington conference. It was so powerful and motivational the way that she built her companies and how she did it.
Another thing I learned came from Brian Solis at the conference, who talked about the importance of unique user experience in the customer journey. It was definitely an awesome event.

2.       What are your first impressions of this year edition? What do you expect to learn this year?
So far so good. The context is amazing inside the Disney park, and the conference that i was be able to attend was very interesting.
I am so excited to see Chris Hadfield’s presentation, because when i was a child i wanted to be an astronaut so it´s a very admirable person for me, and Jim Goodnight for sure, because i loved his presentation last year.
So, i am pretty happy waiting to learn a lot from these professionals

3.       As we are going to find out, analytics can be applied to any business pain, even on areas that we have never imagined. For example, Orlando Magics team will present how they optimize its strategy thanks to SAS. Do you think we are reaching a new age in which companies are positioning analytics in the center of its business strategy?

Absolutely, in my opinion, companies are more concious about the importance of not just collecting data, be proactively using this data, aligning it with their business goals, and for that they need to position analytics as a business core, to take out insights from them and take action in a smarter way.

4.       It is clear that analytics is key to know your customers better. As a marketing expert, what is your advice to make marketers understand how analytics can improve the ROI of their marketing campaigns?

Well, the mantra for me is, if you cannot measure it, you can not improve it. So, we have to pass from having a hunch in marketing to scientific marketing, I mean, it makes no sense to try to figure something out just because I think the behaviour of our potential will be that…. We have to go deeper, it is not about width, is about Depth, so as a marketer i like to make all decisions with analytics, and I always work inside micro-niches. To sum up, focus on small targets using micro-marketing and use the analytics to analyze what is happening and optimize the results.

5.       Tell us about Analytics and its application in Marketing Departments. Which are the industries that are taking more advantage of Analytics?  Do you think there are differences in its application comparing Spain with other countries?

One of the most important issues is how can marketing departments use data to guess the future: i mean, predictive marketing.
For example, an amusement park, can create different campaings within 24 hours in advance depending on the weather, because if its going to be raining there are probably less people going to the park, so you can adapt the price of the tickets for example for these days or organize some other activities.
In my opinion industries such as tourism and banking, have a lot of opportunities of improve by using analytics in marketing deparments, and as you said we can see differences depending on the country. In Spain most of the companies are working on how can they use the huge amount of data that they have in a proper way, and companies like SAS do a really good job to support that.

6.       How would you encourage people to watch our Live Stream?

It´s a really good oportunity to learn from such talented professionals wherever you are. If you want to be succesful, first of all you have to invest in yourself, and investing your time in your live stream is one of them. If you don´t invest in you, how can you ask for a potential client to invest in buying your product or service? So, just do it and connect right now.

7.       Tell us about your blog’s evolution and your projects
I am really happy because my blog turned 8 years old, and 2 months ago i launched a new Project with content, a daily vlog in YouTube, so every day i upload a video of my working day, giving tips for professionals and entrepreneurs, who want to learn and be more succesfull in their businesses, and on the other hand , i have been living in Toronto for 1 and a half years, and i am setting up new businesses there for the Canadian and United States markets, so i am super happy about what its going on.

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