Digital Marketing & American Ninja Warrior

Digital Marketing & American Ninja Warrior

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Welcome to this installment of Driving Your Digital Marketing.

the inpiration for this video comes from a recent trip to Extreme Challenge in Denver, Colorado. It is similar to an American Ninja Warrior type of environment where you really push your body to the limits. While it looks simple, the people who participate in American Ninja Warrior practice long and hard to make it look so.

In a similar manner, having a consistent digital marketing message and a growing digital marketing presence may seem simple. You’ve heard before that a little blogging here and a little social media there will get you some success. While this may be the case, the reality is that you need to practice and practice in order to get really good at Digital marketing.

So, the tip for Driving your Digital marketing…practice like an American Ninja Warrior and don’t be afraid to fail. American Ninja Warriors are ready for anything…Build your Digital Marketing Warrior muscles, try different things, and overcome obstacles.

Post created by Jeff Hensiek
Director of Digital Marketing

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