Digital Marketing Agency Reveals The 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Digital Marketing Agency Reveals The 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

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Digital Marketing Agency Reveals The 7 Biggest Mistakes & How To Avoid Them, to Grow Your Leads & Sales

Over the past 9 years in full time digital marketing working with clients, we have seen many businesses grow their leads & sales successfully.

Sadly there has also been many examples of businesses not always knowing the best questions to ask digital service suppliers and as a result they have been ‘burnt’ badly.

In this new video, some of the critical answers on how to avoid the most common mistakes are revealed, while giving the next step tactics to grow your sales & leads, whether you are an offline service or an e commerce business.

The content was presented to a large group of businesses recently and the feedback was very positive, so for a short investment of your time, it will save you 00`s, while helping to get you more phone & email enquiries.

To give you some clues as to what the 7 largest mistakes are, they include: (The solutions are in the video as they would be too long to add in text here)

0:17 1) When your website is built, you will be automatically found on Google

1:30 2) An SEO (Search engine optimisation company) saying you need to be found on Google for 50-100 keyword phrases and that this will make money for your business

2:23 3) A web developer knows how to create a lead generation website

2:52 4) Social Media is all about likes and posting content

4:14 5) Not knowing which parts of your marketing are working or not working

6:10 6) A larger company has all the answers to help you succeed online

7:33 7) There is a ‘quick fix’ to make you successful online

You can see the next step solutions to these problems here

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