Digital Marketing Advice For The Hotel Industry

Digital Marketing Advice For The Hotel Industry

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Daniel Wishnia, a Digital Marketing Consultant at GCH Hotels, discusses digital marketing in the hotel industry.

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(00:26) What are the biggest and most important trends happening in the hotel industry right now?

(01:26) There are now so many different platforms and touchpoints where a customer might come across a hotel or be trying to find hotel information. How can hotels understand where these customers are online and where they therefore must have a presence?

(03:13) It is very important to share as much information about your hotel as possible on your website.

(04:19) From an international perspective, it’s a huge undertaking to create so much information and content in multiple different languages. What is the best way to scale content internationally?

(05:52) GCH Hotels is quite strategic in how it creates international content – it does not translate everything but instead only focuses on the areas that it thinks are likely to see success. What kind of data and information do you use to help you determine which hotels will be best targeted at which regions/markets?

(07:44) You mentioned that hotels should use virtual reality. What impact have you seen from using virtual reality to promote your hotels? Why do you think using virtual reality is so important?

(10:20) A lot of people hear the words virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and assume that they are expensive and difficult to implement. It is actually something that is fairly easy for any business to do.

(11:36) With the emergence of new technologies such as VR, AR, artificial intelligence and chatbots, hotels must look ahead and make sure that they don’t get left behind.

(12:28) You mentioned about online travel agencies (OTAs) versus direct hotel bookings. In a similar vein, the travel industry is being disrupted by companies like Airbnb. How do you think hotel bookings will develop in the future?

(15:16) Social media an important place where people want to share their experiences and look for reviews. How can hotels make the most out of all the user-generated content on social media?

(17:00) What is your top tip for hotel marketing online?

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