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Hi everyone, welcome to Digital Marketing Edutainment. This is our first video and we are very excited to share our knowledge with all of you.

Today we are going to talk about Digital Marketing and also its advantages over conventional marketing techniques.

And then there is a BONUS TIP at the end of the video, which I am sure you don’t want to miss as it can turn out to be a goldmine for you if you are a beginner or
an intermediate.

So, what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing of products, services or content which involves electronic gadgets.

Digital Marketing can be done both online as well as offline.

Now when we know what exactly digital marketing is let’s see the 4 aspects of digital marketing.
Which I call 4Ds of digital marketing.

1) Digital Devices: This defines how our customer interacts with our business i.e., whether the customer using tablets, smartphones, Laptops, TVs or gaming devices

2) Digital Platforms: These are the various social platforms on which the electronic devices interact For example we can use Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp for digital marketing.

3) Digital Media: This is the medium or communication channel for reaching and engaging our audience, for example, we can reach to our audience through Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Messaging, Google Adwords)

4) And the most important D is Digital Data: It is the insight which businesses collect about their audience profiles and their interactions with businesses. We can
collect data using Google Analytics, FB Insights, YouTube Analytics.

Now let’s talk about how digital marketing is better than the traditional way of marketing. Basically, digital marketing is a part of marketing. But it has surpassed all other kinds of marketing.

1) REACH: The first advantage of digital marketing is its reach. While by advertising on a hoarding or billboard you can promote your business only to local
citizens or passersby. Digital Marketing can take advertising message beyond the scope of your geography. For example, a person sitting in the U.S can easily
sell his product or services to a person who is living in U.K.
All this can be done with the help of a few clicks. For all this, you don’t even need to move a single inch from your position.

2) TARGETED AUDIENCE: And the second benefit of digital marketing is that you can define and customize your audience by their age, gender, interest and even by their
spending habits which increase the chance of sales by manyfold.

3) LOW BUDGET: Now the third benefit is that, as you can choose your audience so you can control how much you are spending per customer. And if your cost is less it means obviously your profit will be high.

4) REMARKETING: And the best thing about digital marketing is how easily you can remarket your product or services to your existing customers.

Bonus Tip :
And now finally here is the tip which all of you were waiting for. And the tip is that you should follow the world’s best Digital Marketing experts and try to
understand and emulate how they think and how they have become so successful.
By doing this one simple thing you can easily increase your chances of being successful by 60-70%. (Pic % growth 60-70)


These are some of the top digital marketers you can follow :

1) Neil Patel:

2) Rand Fishkin:

3) Amy Porterfield:

4) Gary Vaynerchuk:

5) Tami Cannizzaro:

And the list goes on…

For more resources and details about these brilliant minds, you can check the description where I will put all the links.

Now the question is, how can you apply this valuable tip from today itself?

It’s very simple.
Start following them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, read their blog articles, listen to their podcast. This will not only enhance your digital
marketing knowledge but it will also help you to develop and improve your thought process. And the best part about this is that you don’t have to take extra time out of
your busy schedule. You can access all this knowledge anywhere, whether you are sitting on your couch in your room or you are on the go. And even better, most of
this knowledge is available for free.

So that’s all for this video.

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And most importantly KEEP LEARNING, KEEP GROWING.

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