Dating Tips @ Social Media|Losing VIRGINITY(Lesson 1)

Dating Tips @ Social Media|Losing VIRGINITY(Lesson 1)

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Welcome to the world of Bhaiyyaji. Or should we say, the ‘classroom’ of Bhaiyyaji, where you get the kind of education that none can provide. In this mad world of social media where most of us want to charm the opposite sex but fail in doing so horribly, Bhaiiyaji comes as our guardian angel. Through his classes, he will guide you and provide you with some ‘never heard before’ tips to net your fish on the net.

In this first chapter, Bhaiyyaji will teach a ‘slow-witted’ lad how to lose his ‘virginity’ by taking some uncanny steps on the social media. Take this class along with him, for who knows, it might just work for you too.

Sumanta Chanda
Biplab Sarkar

Written and Directed by Sumanta Chanda
Camerawork by Bhavesh Bhimani
Edited by Biplab Sarkar

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