Dallas Dental Conference, Call (801) 293-8522, Dental Convention, Dallas Dentists Marketing, DFW

Dallas Dental Conference, Call (801) 293-8522, Dental Convention, Dallas Dentists Marketing, DFW

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Best Dental Conference Dallas Dental Marketing: http://www.dentalmarketingconference.com – Dallas Dental Conference – Internet Marketing – Social Media – In Office Marketing Systems – Expo for Dentists – Jack Hadley – Greg Anderson – Dentists Convention – Dallas Dental Meeting –

Who Should Attend: For the greatest success, we STRONGLY recommend that at least two people from your practice attend. The first should be the person who handles your in-practice marketing and the second should be the practice’s owner/doctor/decision maker. Here are the reasons why…

 Successful digital marketing requires team support and unity inside your practice! Online and in-practice strategies MUST work together.
 This conference is “hands-on”. Having the two of you here participating together will ensure you’re on the same page and make your take-away plan much more applicable and effective.
 Your second person attends at no additional registration cost.

Topics Covered:

Digital Marketing Starts Inside Your Practice
Successful, effective online marketing doesn’t start online—it starts inside your practice! With the right mindset and systems, great marketing becomes an extension of the patient experience. Learn actionable tips for helping your team help. Everything is marketing.

Online Reputation Management Made Simple
The term “reputation management” gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean? We’ll bring clarity to this term including simple, actionable steps you can take to not just manage your reputation but to enhance and strengthen it.

Community Marketing: An In-Practice/Online Blend
Face-to-face, relationship marketing helps your practice stop focusing on what you make (dentistry), and focus on what you make possible. You’re “selling” comfort, health, appearance, confidence, and trust. That message spreads in viral ways through digital marketing!

Keeping Content Marketing Fast & Easy
Roll up your sleeves and put on your thinking cap as we run through exercises designed to help you start easily creating personalized content that will make your digital marketing efforts effective (and keep them simple). We’ll do it with you and we’ll show you how!

Social Media Isn’t Something You “Have”, It’s Something You “Do”
Social media marketing is here to stay, in constantly evolving forms. The practices that understand, participate in, and leverage it are the ones that reap success. We’ll dissect the latest dental-specific success stories and discuss social media’s “secret sauce”.

Today’s Effective Website: “Must-Haves” And “Must-Dos”
Effective dental websites today do two things. They’re structured to be search engine friendly, and they’re people friendly! Today’s interdependence of SEO, structure and content provides powerful marketing opportunities for practices that effectively combine them. https://youtu.be/_rizc2odFj8

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