Custom Thumbnail Youtube – SEO Tips For Youtube Videos 2016

Custom Thumbnail Youtube – SEO Tips For Youtube Videos 2016

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Custom Thumbnail Youtube – SEO Tips For Youtube Videos 2016

If your uploading your own videos and want to get ranked on youtueb, then this video is a great little tip that will help your cause. If you not sure on how to make thumbnails, as in the design process, I will be covering this shortly in another video. But once you have your own custom thumbnail (thats a jpeg picture you want to use in the display of your video), you need to optimise that jpeg.

Many people don’t bother. But its important that you do. Why? Because the more seo you do on your youtube video, the more likely your video is set to rank on Youtube and even get on page 1 of the search results for your main keyword. That means more views, more clicks to your product or website, more likes, more subs and so on. All this then helps you rank even more.

So in this video, I show you how to go into the back office of your intended thumbnail jpeg, and apply the necessary seo to help the Google/Youtube Spiders, work out what your video is all about. The more boxes ticked, the better the information you provide, the more likely you are to rank on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy this video, save it so you can remind yourself in the future as to what to do if you forget. Make it a habit on every youtube video you upload.

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This video was produced by myself Steve Nuttall and subjects covered in the video are:

Custom Thumbnail Youtube
SEO Tips For Youtube
SEO Tips For Youtube Videos
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