Creating a Facebook business page + SEO tips

Creating a Facebook business page + SEO tips

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This is a clear and easy tutorial on how to create a professional Facebook business page with SEO in mind. The next video will feature some very handy techniques to promoting the new page you have created so if you haven’t learned anything new so far be sure to follow the series for even more unique tips to help you generate the traffic you need!

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  • DailyAudience Reply

  • ameen jeb Reply

    Hey there,
    How about the local aspect (like geo targetting)?
    Also do you need some sort of phone or email verification in order to
    create an FB page for a local business?
    Hope to hear back from you.

  • DailyAudience Reply

    Is my voice difficult to hear? Be sure to turn the volume up to the max. In
    the Bottom left of the youtube video window.

  • Bonsai Tài Lộc Reply

    Thanks. Đã thành công:

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