Crazy Good Tips When Starting Online Video Marketing

Crazy Good Tips When Starting Online Video Marketing

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Here are some great tips, and elements to focus on, when you are starting your Online Video Marketing campaign. This video will provide you with several tips you probably have not thought about or didn’t realize the importance of them. This is just the first of three videos related to the best digital marketing strategies anyone can do.

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if you’re kinda stuck and aren’t quite sure
how to a start an online video

campaign I’m gonna give you several
things and tips you should

always focus on to consider
when you are starting a campaign

My name is Patrick Bardwell with Bardwell Media, an online marketing company and I

want these videos to help anybody and
everybody with you utilizing online video

and digital marketing to increase your
web presence and ultimately increase

revenue and so with this video I want to
give you several tips and things

to focus on when you are creating an
online video market strategy versus just

producing video and just kind of cutting
it up on YouTube and sitting back and

and hope for the best. so let’s get started

are the first thing you want to do
before you turn on the camera is

actually write down goals what it was
the purpose of these videos and I don’t

fall into a field of dreams mentality
where you build it they will come

understand what you’re going to gain out
of it is it to increase subscriptions to

sell products do you want to to have
someone to watch it

donate or download something or just go
do something so understand what your

goals are and then that their actionable
that you’re monitoring so don’t focus on

views that should never be your goal because if
you can have ten million views but if

you don’t sell any products in some
foreign country but yet most of the

views are in that country, then it’s worthless.
let’s focus on perhaps how long people

are longer than watching a video or what
kind of device they are watching it on

different different websites but also
what are they doing after they watch the video

are they’ve been coming to your website
you can track so write down these these

goals and no help in the long run

second tip is produce several videos. don’t just do
one, do a full campaign several different

styles of videos too and and I’m gonna
have different videos are going to talk

about the different styles

the first thing is that we set up a
calendar of when gonna release it

each of these videos that could be twice
a week once a week every every two weeks

or perhaps you’ve got a big event coming
up in a release

you know what every day to just set up a

the next is kind of a double so you want
to create videos that are going to

convert video video viewer to do
something and the second to tip with

that is always include call-to-actions at
the end or anywhere really what you want

to create videos that are going to
compel the viewer to do something by

product download this donated that I
sign up for any event come to an event

what have you

producing videos that are going to
convert versus just entertaining well

unless you’re in the entertainment
business and that’s reflected but if

you’re trying to compel them to to
something, produce videos that convert.

hook the viewers in the first 10 to 15
seconds you can of course monitor your

analytics and you’ll be able to see when
people are dropping off and they drop

off quickly hopefully you have not
dropped off and still watching so hook

those viewers in the first 10- 15 seconds and then maintain them

linked to other videos so after the viewer watches one video, you

don’t want them finding someone, a competitor perhaps video, you want them to

stay within your channel or stay
on your website

developing online video marketing
strategies or other different marketing

links to other videos check those out
and so again thanks so much for watching

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