Cool Tips and Stats for Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

Cool Tips and Stats for Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

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Please tell me you are sending emails to your clients, customers, and fans. If not, you are missing out and losing out to a great potential of reaching them. Did you know that there are 3x more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook combined? Or did you know your email recipients will open, click through, and share your emails with video?

Watch this video to learn more about email marketing.

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So you’ve been collecting, hopefully, your
customers are your members you email

addresses but you’re not getting quite
the open rate you are hoping for or the

conversion rates you’re hoping for. I’m going to provide you with tips and

discuss things to focus on how to help
improve your bulk email distribution


everybody my name is Patrick Bardwell with Bardwell Media, an online video marketing

company and these videos are designed to
help your business training organization

I just kinda increase your web presence
and the way you do that in my humble

opinion is by using online video of
course also using the tools

marketing tools that are out there and so
when I go through in this video is share

with you different tips and focus on
when you’re developing a bulk email

distribution campaign

developing online video market
strategies or do something different

tools out there thank you so much for
watching in another thank you would be if

you click to subscribe to receive more
of these tips and news and information

so forth and also if any questions or
just put them in the comments section

below and of course we’re going to
double check those out thanks so much

for watching

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