Content Centered Design – Web Design Tips

Content Centered Design – Web Design Tips

Posted by on / 25 Comments – In this video I touch on the importance of content centered design. The idea of making sure you design your websites based on the content and not try to fit content within a certain framework.


  • Jesus Bejarano Reply

    Long time no see, good you are back.

  • Rohit Dandnayak Reply

    Good One…

  • Travus Gonzalez Reply

    Always a great video from you mike. I hope to join your training course

  • messianicrogue Reply

    Best way to design – get all the content, ask about possible future
    content, plan consistent styling based on perceived contingencies – then
    develop a design based on that information. Or do it like i used to when i
    was starting out – design, get content, redesign, get more content,
    redesign, add more content, redesign, argue with client, complain,
    redesign, complain louder, redesign, get more content, complain, complain,

  • lijkhbljkbh Reply

    just dealing with a client who wanted the full works but had no content,
    this really confirmed a lot of things for me. Thanks Mike.

  • thetechgeneration Reply

    just today, I landed a client with literally NO content at all outside of
    an about page. But as long as I get paid, who cares.

  • BayviewzBest Reply

    thanks mike!

  • Wadiha Hasan Reply

    This is so helpful….Thanks Mike!! 😀

  • Terhile Ikyo Reply

    Nice video Mike, Content is always one of the draw backs in web design

  • COD5252 Reply

    hey buddy knowing that you are a ui designer have you ever thought of doing
    charecter design for mobile games or illustrations of some sort

  • Martin Dufresne Reply

    Thanks Mike, this is very helpful!

  • Peaceiznow Reply

    I have received the complete opposite from Mike in which you speak.

  • Peaceiznow Reply

    imo responsive design is important as more and more people are using mobile
    devices to view websites and not just the computer screen. I am learning
    responsive design as well and from the looks of it it is not that difficult
    and will be what future clients if not now will be looking for in the near

  • Peaceiznow Reply

    More great advice Mike thanks. If you are starting out in webdesign I
    recommend Mike’s course. A one time fee and almost weekly if not monthly
    videos on many topics. A great and very different approach than others are
    taking to teach us newbs :) It has been invaluable to me and my learning.
    Thanks again Mike. And thanks for responding to all my emails and the
    additional help I have requested along the way.

  • tegan71969 Reply

    Well then you are the exception.

  • rjcream Reply

    your talking nonsense, Mike always replies to me and a few of my friends
    personally. You should be happy that someone of his caliber is taking the
    time out of there schedule to make these videos. Most people in his
    position would not give away such useful information.

  • rjcream Reply

    if it’s a marketing tool or not – he’s helping many people who are coming
    up in web design – weather he’s makes money or get’s website sales – it’s a
    bi-product of his assistance. thanks for commenting!

  • tegan71969 Reply

    Actually, I’m not “talking nonsense” my friend. I wrote him here and on his
    personal website in regards to some career advice. He never responded,
    whatsoever. My issue here is he says he’ll respond to you personally, but
    doesn’t when the time arrives. If he’s too busy to respond, then don’t say
    you’ll respond.

  • twenty1aboutdis Reply

    Thanks Mike!

  • Mike Locke Reply

    I try to respond to all emails. Shoot me an email this weekend and I’ll be
    sure to get to it. I don’t normally check Youtube emails, but hit me up
    through my contact form on my website and I’ll respond.

  • Kiet Kleiser Reply

    Thank you for your great vids. I’m new to Firework but you have made it
    look so simple. Keep it up good work.

  • Ayo Celestine Reply

    God bless you !

  • Bruce George Reply


  • SHaKeRuk Reply

    Just found your vids. Look v.usefull. Tell my boss and clients that content
    is king every damn day. The message we aim to portray to the end user is
    paramount, it always amazes me how we are expected to design a site with
    very little content supplied. Often I find myself advising the client on
    what type of content I need from them even tho it is their business I am
    trying to best engage them with their audience. Baffling! Thanks again for
    your time to put such useful vids up.

  • Francisco Alvarenga Rua Reply

    Great vids,thkx! I now realize how difficult it is to do our own Web site.
    what content should i put in there? Very tricky. We really must be
    continuously focused on the content we need/want. it’s easy to get out of
    track and get lost on content that doesn’t matter… all the best!

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