Close To My Heart Consultant Tips – How To Become A CTMH Consultant Top Earner

Close To My Heart Consultant Tips – How To Become A CTMH Consultant Top Earner

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Close To My Heart Consultant Training – How To Become A CTMH Consultant Top Earner

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In this close to my heart training video you will discover how to start selling close to my heart products successfully online without relying solely on your warm market prospects. Although the close to my heart business opportunity is very well suited to home parties due to the nature of crafting, we can still leverage the internet to recruit new distributors onto our team. With consumer behaviours undergoing a huge shift in the last few years, if you want a stable and sustainable marketing strategy that brings in new customers and consultants without hosting a close to my heart party then we need to consider incorporating digital marketing for our lead acquisition. This is a business of marketing and promotion. The ability to generate leads online for your business is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a new ctmh consultant.

Let’s take a look as the close to my heart compensation plan 2017, sometimes referred to as a rewards plan or business plan. When you make a sale of the close to my heart products the base commission is 22%. If you make sales directly through your ctmh website you will receive your earned commissions on the 15th of the following month. You earn select product credit (spc) when your sales volume for the month exceeds 0. Override commissions – Allows you to earn up to 35% in commissions as your sales volume increases. Are there any close to my heart consultant requirements? Yes. There is a minimum selling requirement of 0 of product per quarter while making a 22% saving on your own purchases as an active independent consultant.

How much is the close to my heart consultant kit? The ctmh new consultant kit is currently priced at plus shipping and tax. The new kit has everything you need to get your business started.

Leverage social media groups to connect with your customer base and team. This will encourage repeat sales, customer loyalty, team building. Share marketing close to my heart tutorials with in your team group and encourage them to share marketing ctmh consultant kits and invitation scripts that are working in the business so everyone can benefit. New consultants can be tagged in a pinned post within the group where they can learn how to get off to a fast start and generate their first sales with their close to my heart kits.

Many of your prospects may not want to join the business opportunity as a consultant but would love to receive free products. For this they can host an online close to my heart party online or offline, earning ~ in close to my heart hostess rewards for every 0 of product sold at their party. They also earn a 50% discount on numerous products available through the ctmh business.

If you got value from this training video and would like to learn how to be successful growing your business online, how to get customers for close to my heart products online, how to build you team using social media, then be sure to register for our free online prospecting and recruiting bootcamp here:

Close To My Heart Consultant Ideas – How To Become A CTMH Consultant Top Earner

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