C3 2014 – 50 Actionable SEO Tips & Tricks

C3 2014 – 50 Actionable SEO Tips & Tricks

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Power Hour: 50 Actionable SEO Tips & Tricks

Michael Tirone – Digital Marketing Search Strategist, R2Integrated
Pat Reinhart – Manager of SEO Services, Prime Visibility
Joe Taylor – Strategic Customer Success Manager, Conductor

Join Mike Tirone, Digital Marketing Search Strategist at R2Integrated, Pat Reinhart, Manager of SEO Services at Prime Visibility, and Joe Taylor, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Conductor as we squeeze 50 tips into just 45 minutes with this SEO Power Hour. Hearing from both agencies and brands, you’ll walk out of this session stocked and energized with new, practical ways to seize search opportunities and boost your rankings.

For more information on C3 check out Conductor.com/C3

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