Business Success Tips : Adèle McLay Interviews Utam Bhudia

Business Success Tips : Adèle McLay Interviews Utam Bhudia

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Business Success Tips : Adèle McLay Interviews Utam Bhudia, Video Producer

Meet my friend, Utam Bhudia. He’s a young entrepreneur, having established his own video production company just over one year ago, after a short and relatively unsatisfying career in banking.

As you might expect, Utam is passionate about video, and its importance in business. He’s competing in a highly competitive and contemporary industry because video is a critical marketing tool in business and it’s getting more important by the day as the digital world continues to take over the way in which we do business.

In our interview, not only does Utam share his short, slightly rocky and successful entrepreneurial journey to date, he also gives us great advice on why we must embrace video in business, and how to go about doing it.

This is an interview not to be missed if you are serious about growing your business through digital marketing, keyword and search engine optimisation.

Enjoy this week’s insightful interview with Utam.

To connect with Utam Bhudia:

Twitter: @AdTubeMedia
YouTube: AdTubeTeam

Please see: to read Adèle McLay’s blog about Utam Bhudia

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