Brainstorming Tips in Web Design

Brainstorming Tips in Web Design

Posted by on / 25 Comments – In this video I talk about the value and importance of brainstorming ideas prior to starting your web design projects.


  • Rohit Dandnayak Reply

    Great! seems to be nice approach! will try with my next project! Thanks!

  • Nelson Romero Reply

    Wow. This was very helpful. I often have designer’s block on my projects.
    The tips you gave us were really good and helpful. I’m going to do this now
    when I get designer’s block. Thanks

  • SimplyCrazyStudio Reply

    Super helpful, but I kind of cheated on this. I didn’t sketch out or
    wireframe my current personal project. I got inspired by a photograph and
    just started prototyping, getting the main 6 pages created in a day.

  • AndyDOHD1 Reply

    HI, Love your tutorials and thoughts. I did wonder if you had any tutorials
    on using php as I want to make a login/logout facility to a site I am

  • Charlie Jones - From Fat 2 Fit Reply

    Micheal Locke does not have any php tutorials. However if you are wondering
    about the login system he has for his web design training he uses a
    wordpress plugin. If this does not help you then please feel free to look
    up a web developer called “Adam Khoury” or “FlashBuilding”. Hope this

  • eran gilo Reply

    Thank you for all these small tips you share with us all the time. I am
    really enjoying your videos.

  • JPGamerHD Reply

    Thanks for making these vids,they really help 😀

  • Jose Pena Reply

    Great tips Mike! Very helpful indeed!

  • Darryl Freeman Reply

    I missed your last few videos, and I get your subscriber email and BOOM!
    The exact topic I am having issues with this current project. Outstanding
    presentation Mike. Thanks,

  • Josh Parolin Reply

    Thanks for describing your process. Super helpful. Going to start writing
    down ideas from other websites as I go into new projects. It’d be cool to
    have a tool to track these inspirations from other sites… something other
    than bookmarking or screenshotting. Keep up the good work.

  • AndyDOHD1 Reply

    I went to Adam Khoury’s YouTube, and Website. Fantastic, and for a learner
    of php/mysql I think it will be very useful. Thanks again.

  • Sid McThomas Reply

    Awesome tip brotha. Keep the vid’s coming.

  • Edu Madrid Reply

    Is amazing how people like you can explain things in a very easy and clear
    way… keep it doing it! :)

  • Laiq Ahmad Reply

    thanks a lot & really appreciate your work.

  • asjon09 Reply


  • Henry Boldizsar Reply

    @michael What is your take on designing in the browser?

  • doubidouah Reply

    Much appreciated, keep up the good work. You are a positive influence what
    many people need today. Thankss

  • m.t.f. jhones Reply

    The best tutorial on login and registeration in php that I know of is at
    phpacademy channel called Register & Login (New) It’s just great and very

  • Zahida Zakaria Reply

    so, after you designed the site, you passed it to the programmer to make
    the real estate site functioning?

  • woutertt Reply

    2:19 dat freudian slip

  • Ryan Cinch Reply

    What are your thoughts on graphic artists in web design?

    Do you feel that one can do well as a graphic designer in web design as a
    freelancer or do they need programming skills too?

    What I mean is, do you feel that programming and graphics are two different
    skills or are both skills required for freelancing?

    I am in graphic design school and I have found that graphic designers are
    terrible at programming and programmers are poor graphic designers.

    I have tried to take programming classes in the past, but failed miserably.

    However, I have taken course on UI Interface Design which is training in
    graphical and interactive layout and marketing skills for research for web
    design as well as visual design training.

    Can one do something in web design without coding skills?

    Also, do programmers have to be visual designers to work in web design?

    Just a question that has been floating around in my head for quite some

  • socialperson Reply

    Thanks for the awesome tips!!

  • Safaa Al-Hayali Reply

    Good advices thanks dude

  • Atomkit Reply

    Tips in #web #design ..

  • Atomkit Reply

    Tips in #web #design ..

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