Blogger Advance SEO Tips in Urdu/Hindi Part 1 of 8

Blogger Advance SEO Tips in Urdu/Hindi Part 1 of 8

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This is a series of Blogger SEO in Urdu, other videos can be found on my channel, however, we will learn how to SEO optimize our content before publishing in Urdu, to get complete SEO course in DVD call me at: 03412221598 or visit: for more helpful tutorials in Urdu


  • saarah sadaf Reply

    masha allah abudu vali bhai app ne such me behtereen kaam kiya hi urdu me
    bohat sare video tutorials hi likin app ke saare videos EASY METHOD, AND
    DEEP TEACHING hi muje apne blog ke seo karwane ke liye 5000 Indian rupees
    hona tha likin app ki seo series of Blogger SEO in Urdu se bohat profit
    huwa hi my app ka fan hogaya hu aur app ke all videos download karliya hu
    thanks vali bhai great job

  • Abdul Wali Reply

    bohat Shukaria aap ke pasandedgi ka, Inshallah ma apna 3 years ka
    experience Urdu ma yahan par video ke through aap logon ke faide k liye
    publish karonga.. wait for coming great tutorials, just share my channel &
    site with friends… thanks.

  • saarah sadaf Reply

    assalam alaikum wali bhai myne blog me meta tag aur saare kaam appke video
    ke through complete kar liya hi lekin next kya karna hi pl muje bataiyye
    backlinks, link building, ye sab kya hi aur kaise karna hi aur my Daily seo
    kaise karu please batayyiye please my app ke reply ka wait karroonga mera
    blog please check for any correctins

  • saarah sadaf Reply

    app sirf online ustaad he nahi mere bhi ustaad hi pl. learn to me

  • Abdul wadood Reply

    I appreciate your work…………thanks and i hope i will learn more
    interesting thing from your YouTube channel……………your doing very
    good job….keep it up …dud. i subscribe coz i have to learn
    more………thanks body

  • Abdul Wali Reply

    thanks for appreciation, Inshallah you will learn more..

  • afridi Khan Reply

    Abul Wali Sahib You are good instructor but one thing i want to advise that
    don’t be greedy while prep the lectures make all of them free for thirsty
    learners.Please also prep more on web development with practical examples .

  • Abdul Wali Reply

    Oh boy thanks for comment & advise. I know it isn’t good that everything
    are not shared free in Pakistan. But I will share everything free Inshallah
    believe me.. The DVDs I sell is just for helping my blog and this channel
    running forever… Anyhow, I appreciated your comment..

  • Nasir Ud Deen Reply

    I admire that it in rich my information

  • TropicFusions Reply

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    get into the right niche theres no stopping you. Check this if you wana
    learn how ==>

  • Robeena Shaheen Reply

    really you are a good instructor

  • Abdul Wali Reply

    Thanks for your good comment!

  • Basit Shaikh Reply


  • ncr moverspackers Reply

    u r doing great job keep it …..

  • Imran Choudhary Reply

    Well done wali bhai but i want to know one thing when i opened some blogs
    and websites there is a windows popup of facebook like.How can i make it
    for my blog plz tell me

  • Spook SEO Reply

    Awesome vid! Thanks for sharing! Learning advanced SEO will definitley help
    broaded your scope of SEO targets. While learning the basics of SEO can be
    handful enough for someone to handle, adding the advanced parts ot it can
    be twice as hassling. That said, an added option is to outsource it and
    leave it in the hands of the experts.


    bro thanks for tut , butt one this is tut main aap ne Europe ke spell wrong
    kiye aap ne EORUPE likha jo ke wrong hai koi baat nahin hota rehta hai next
    time sahi kijiye ga

  • Clansi Deena Reply
  • sy. abuzar Reply

    nice one

  • baba raghunath Reply


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