Blog SEO Tips – 7 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blog SEO Tips – 7 SEO Tips for Bloggers

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7 SEO Tips for Bloggers! Get more traffic from Google and other search engines with these 7 Blog SEO Tips.


7 SEO Tips for Bloggers
1.Topics people search for
2. Comprehensive Content
3. Blog Excerpts
4. Install Social Sharing buttons
5. Keyword in the SEO title
6. Install Google Analytics

7. Share on Social Media

So really it is all about making sure that people want to know about the topic you intend to write about. This “topic” or Keyword phrase should appear in the SEO title of the post. The content needs to be comprehensive. It’s important that you share your content and that other people are also able to share it. And you need a way to be able to tell if anyone is finding your content via “Google Analytics” so you can continue to adjust your strategy and consolidate posts or change the topic/keyword if needed.

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Blog SEO Tips

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