Posted by on / 0 Comments This video tutorial is about selecting the proper keywords for your post and article titles that will get ranked by Google much faster. The end result will be more traffic to your blog to help you make more money blogging.

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Hi there, Dave Drew on Alright in this part of the series I just wanted to go over selecting keywords for your titles in your post article pages. Just to show you how this process works and kind of just wanted to show you how I chose these keywords so that you can see how I got those rated and how I knew I was going to get those rated a little bit quicker than the normal.

Anyway, just want to start out. I will show you the page here with the post and the title of the first part of the series, Top SEO tips and trick to help you make money blogging. Now what I did was, I just want to have an idea keyword search for SEO tips and what I came up with was I want to google adwords search tool and I came up this SEO tips and tricks keywords here, that was one of them, then the other one is I came over with the top SEO tips.

So what I did was I combine those together the title and if you noticed I also added those into create one title that all worked in with make money blogging also. Because I also want to get that keyword ranked as well and to keep that keyword flowing in my blog as much as possible because that’s what my blog is all about.

If you notice up here, you see Top SEO tips and trick to help you make money blogging, How to make money Blogging, and Blog Tips. Now over my main page, you’ll notice that I just have how to make money blogging, blog tips and blogging tips. Now those were the three keywords that I chose to get ranked for my entire blog. So now, when you choose a keyword title for your post or pages, your title will then end up going first then it will knock off that third keyword phrase and then these are the remaining two other keyword phrases that will stay on each post and article page.

Alright, so what I did was I want to have a look at my competition for those two particular keywords that were kind of combined in that title. And I looked at the SEO quake toolbar, looked at the ranking, the PR ranking, and I noticed that they weren’t too bad. So ones, twos, fours, those weren’t too bad and not a lot of incoming keywords and back links to this site and the ranking weren’t too bad either.

I knew I have a fairly simple time getting rated here. So if you’ll notice this is page one of google for the search word term SEO tips and tricks and down here I’m number six in line down there. That’s only a day after I posted that article which is actually quite good. If you look over here, on SEO tips and tricks, you’ll see that four exact search, this gets 1600 global monthly searches and 480 local monthly searches. That’s not too bad for a keyword term rank form and eventually I’m going to work out for the number one position because the competition is still not that all great. We’ll get them more traffic. If you look over here, just top SEO tips, you’ll notice that that still gets 880 global monthly searches and a 170 local which is actually not bad either.

And I’m also in for top SEO tips search right here. You’ll notice that I made it on page number one the day after. I’m also in the sixth position for that one too as well. But still you’ll see there’s still a lot of competition with the PR 3 here, PR 0, PR 4 and you know, my site has a PR 4. This page is not ranked but I’m on page one. You’ll notice that the Alexa rankings are actually pretty good but not a lot of incoming links. And still you know, I am able to work my way up to the number one position here.

So again, what I did was, I chose and I mixed up these keywords, Top SEO tips and tricks and then also you’ll get SEO tips and then I got the make money blogging in here. But I wanted to make sure read in a logical order and then you’ll see that blog title up here.

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