Big Digital SEO Roundtable

Big Digital SEO Roundtable

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The Roundtable will be conducted with the speakers of the Big Digital Adelaide 2017. Get a sneak peek at the conference’s lineup and topics, and get the chance to ask leading experts your questions live!

00:04:16 – Topics introduction
00:05:18 – Developing your digital marketing strategy in 2017
00:15:09 – Most common and harmful SEO mistakes
00:27:09 – If we have 2 domain with the same content in different languages, will migrating to 1 domain with subfolders help with SEO?
00:30:18 – What’s your best tip for the site speed?
00:32:07 – How important is HTTPS implementation?
00:36:45 – How to succeed in local SEO?
00:39:14 – Is it recommendable to use AMP?
00:41:32 – How important is to share links?
00:43:57 – Is Penguin dead and buried?
00:45:04 – Tools for link building/monitoring
00:48:05 – SEO is dead, Content is the king?
00:49:55 – Can content be automated? How?
00:50:32 – Top tips for SEO in 2017

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