Best YouTube marketing tips (DGS3 Recap)

Best YouTube marketing tips (DGS3 Recap)

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Best YouTube marketing tips
In order to research the tags that others in your industry are using to make their videos get many clicks you can right-click on any YouTube page and select “Page Source” then search the .html for “video:tag.” This will list the tags in use for that video. Also, publishes YouTube analytics for all sites. It rates and ranks sites and gives estimated earnings for each site. Alex Hluch

Bear in mind that YouTube is owned by Google and naming is very important. Pay special attention to the first 3 words of the title of your video. Robert Welkner

Make your channel revolve around a personality. The key to a popular YouTube channel in’t the product, it’s the person, their personality and the audience wants a direct connection with that person. Lamarr Wilson

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