Bernadette Schwerdt – My tips on successfully personal branding yourself | ICMI

Bernadette Schwerdt – My tips on successfully personal branding yourself | ICMI

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Bernadette Schwerdt is one of Australia’s most accomplished marketers, communication experts and business commentators. She’s also one of the country’s most compelling and entertaining public speakers and presenters.

As the host of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s online video show “Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs” and the Author of the book by the same name, Bernadette is in a unique position to reveal the inner-most secrets behind how these outstanding business owners have risen to the top of their fields and shaken their industries to the core.

As an advertising and marketing executive, her decorated career has seen her work with iconic brands including Apple, Ford, American Express, Kodak and BHP. The Personal Development Speaker has trained 5,000 business owners in the art of content creation and persuasive writing through the school she founded (the Australian School of Copywriting), many of whom now head up leading advertising and digital marketing agencies.

She’s also a qualified Master Trainer in Communication, and is in demand as an keynote speaker and trainer to the CEOs and management teams of leading companies including Cadbury Schweppes, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch amongst many others.
Bernadette shares her insights with humour and theatricality and provides relevant, practical and useful case studies, ‘how-to’ checklists, and step-by-step processes on how those lessons can be applied by anyone – SMEs, associations, and corporate teams – to create successful online endeavours.

If you want to know where entrepreneurship, online entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship are heading in Australia, then Bernadette is a must for your event.

Here the Business Speaker shares her tips on successfully branding yourself, so you can be a powerful force in your chosen industry.

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