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Bellingham | Seattle SEO | Website Design | Digital Marketing Consultant

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So many business owners don’t really understand what is SEO, why they need a Digital Marketing Consultant that does website design and so many of them get taken advantage of by some black hat SEO or a get rich quick scheme, only to find out about it when Google changes their algorithm such as in the Penguin and Panda changes. Keeping up with all the changes in understanding exactly how to implement them to keep your site ranked is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. You need the right Bellingham Seattle SEO tools, such as SEO Quake and MOZ, for one and you need to know SEO tips and tricks. Not everybody can do it especially if they don’t have the proper training. It’s kind of like if you were a mechanic for a Volkswagen you can’t actually, out of the blue, start repairing Maserati’s. As a company, you wouldn’t really want to pay to have a Maserati mechanic on staff when all you need him for is to maintain and keep your equipment in the best shape possible. Kind of like the way I work as a Bellingham Seattle SEO consultant.

Here’s a real question, “What Is SEO”. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to get your URL ranked on the first page and also before the fold. As a Bellingham Seattle SEO expert, I have the experience to do just that. Ranking on page 1 is probably the most important thing that a business can do for their Company. There is no better or cost effective method of marketing your business then to be on page 1 in a Google search engine.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re having a Stunning Website done in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Olympia or Bellingham to create your presence is how you are going to rank that site for a set of search terms. These terms and the technique used to populate the website is what only a few of us truly understand. RANK FOR 100’s not 10’s!

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