Basic Web Design Tips Part 1 (HD)

Basic Web Design Tips Part 1 (HD)

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Some suggestions to consider before starting any web page design. These are always things people, beginners and advanced users alike, will forget. Always remember that your content is more important than having the site look cool. From selling online to a simple personal page, basic design tips are never out of style.


  • Wanda248 Reply

    Great reminders and resources and a tremendous example of “you can’t over
    drill the basics” – amateurs practice till they get it right and
    professionals practice till they can’t get it wrong. I’ll be going on over
    to the sites you recommend. thanks

  • glockman1727ak47 Reply

    You should place the links in the comments. thanks for the upload

  • George Lewis Reply

    Many people you help in this video and tutorial for beginners who wants to
    create deign for there website or blogs ..

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