BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS | Aaron Carpenter

BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS | Aaron Carpenter

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giving you very “helpful” back to school tips that will help you succeed? i guess?….
(please don’t take this seriously… haha)


Thanks for watching!

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  • Jadyn Sandmeyer Reply

    been waiting all day for this ?

  • Sereine Alexia Reply

    Who’s gonna do his tips ?? ??????

  • Riley Kai Reply

    Anybody in the under 301 club?

  • Tijen99Dilek Reply

    Aaron is Doing a Follow Spree on Twitter right now: comment your twitter
    names Below ⬇️ good luck!

  • Jayda Marie Reply

    My favorite tip was to bring your pet to school… I kinda wish my dog
    talked ??jk

  • 4 Foot Equestrian Reply

    I’ve actually taken my horse to school before ? 

  • Chassidy Fielder Reply

    Is it bad that I actually take snacks to each class ?? and a mini pillow

  • Dayya Bello Reply

    I don’t have a pet so can I take my little brother 

  • Haley Walker Reply

    I felt so guilty when he said,” we both know you haven’t read your summer
    reading books yet.” ?❤️ anybody else putting it off til late minute?

  • Jake Portis Reply

    Loved this Aaron! hahahahaha!
    My favourite was the ‘Bring Your Pet To School’
    Nice work buddy

  • Diana Horan Reply

    Ive been waiting all my life for this video!!

    I’m glad you started uploading again! love you!!

  • Benjamin Bigger Reply


  • Smiles Reply

    People brought snacks to class and got everyone in the class i trouble and
    i HAPPENED to be sitting by those people and i was like “-_- fuck you”

  • Samantha Nowrang Reply

    Aaron you’re my pet so u expect u to be at school on September 9th

  • Aurora Carlos Reply

    I feel so guilty now for reading sparknotes and watching the movie instead
    of actually reading the books??? I love Aaron so much❤

  • Olivia Greene Reply

    I know this was supposed to be a joke.. but it’s actually so true like if
    you’re in high school everything except the pet thing is so true

  • Jenny Mist Reply

    Yayy! More videoes!!
    I like the bring some snacks to school cause im always hungry..

  • Nataly Hernandez TLV Reply

    #4 That summer reading ? not happening 

  • haley rachelle Reply

    i love you so much aaron?❤️

  • Alèxe Pelletier Reply

    I think your video is cool af ? but i tweeted 700 times for your follow
    spree and you didnt follow me ? @espinosa1613

  • Estrella L. Reply

    I thought it was a legit video (I was confused because that doesn’t seem
    like Aaron) but no it’s a funny video ?

  • Jackie villarreal Reply

    My teacher says what are u eating and I saw snacks she says do u have a
    enough to share to everyone????

  • Grace Jopling Reply

    Back to school videos when ur half way through the year 

  • lucy lopez Reply

    this is like giving advice to new highschoolers lmao

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