Back to school study tips !

Back to school study tips !

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Back to school study tips and advice !
I hope this little extra study tips video helps you guys, I know how much a lot of you enjoyed the last one 😀

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  • Jazzybum Reply

    Need help with studying for school ?
    Watch this :D

  • Janja Bohte Reply

    Really helpful video.. :)

  • spodermen Reply

    Here’s a question for the Q & A… How can I make new friends if I’m shy
    and an introvert? 

  • Lauren Kenny Reply

    You really remind me of zoe (zoella)

  • Sally cooper Reply

    Just been starting to watch these and I’m so happy that you have done this
    cause this is the best one I’ve seen BTW please follow me on Instagram

  • Chloe Horan Reply

    what was your most embarrasing crush story when u were at school ?
    love your videos :D

  • Saffy Chantelle Reply

    This video was really helpful?

  • Karla Mccann Reply

    Here’s a question! ?
    How can I deal with nervousness when I’m in tests? Thanks

  • Melyna Jarquin Reply

    How can I deal with anxiety before an important test (PS ILY <33)

  • Piper Hansen Reply

    Q & A: How can I get motivated to do homework and PROCRASTINATE LESS!!!

  • fashionbyhayley Reply

    youre look is on point for one! and i liked this video! :) new subbie here!

  • Lara Balata Reply

    Can you do a video of how to organize your school things like homework ,
    exams… ect.

  • Niamh xo Reply

    Is exams worth the stress? #jazzybumq&a 

  • SS Syeda Reply

    How do you keep yourself motivated when other classmates are doing better
    than you?

  • Eunbe Hong Reply

    omg are your eyes green? They are so pretty !

  • Shauna Thwaite Reply

    What do you do for late before night revision?

    Also how do you motivate your self ready for revision?
    ? I love your videos!!

  • Paulien De Spiegelaere Reply

    Whats the name of the website that blocks all of your social media ?

  • Marie Parret Reply

    How do you deal with stress for a test? Ly jazzy xxx

  • simplyjennav Reply

    Alexa sent me here! Hehe love your sweater and these tips were helpful! I
    used many of these :D

  • Abbie Denwood Reply

    How to build confidence and over come shyness at school? Love your

  • Naiya Treadwell Reply

    Question: How did you choose your a levels and your uni course and your
    university and general how to get into uni tips please xx

  • Noorra Ramouz Reply

    Jazzy you’re such an Inspiration & you look like a cute unicorn with your
    pastel jumper ✌?

  • Ella Cruickshank Reply

    This really helped me thanks so much! Your last video helped be get pretty
    much all A’s and B’s in my End of Year Assessments! 

  • Raianne Severo Reply

    ILOVEYOUSOMUCH JAZZY why are you so beautiful and cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks for
    sharing your ideas with us it’ll make school easier for us???????

  • Phoebe Ede Reply

    Do you have any advice for balancing sports practice with school work/
    revision. x
    Lysm x ?

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