At the Coalface Episode 22: 3 Tips For Confidently Consulting With Larger Enterprises

At the Coalface Episode 22: 3 Tips For Confidently Consulting With Larger Enterprises

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*Apologies for the shaky video!

In this episode, Jason provides his top tips to help eliminate the intimidation many employees and consultants feel when working with larger organisations and businesses.

These ideas can help minimise anxiety for and improve the confidence and performance of those who are considering working for or consulting to larger businesses.


2:10 – The Value You Bring
3:50 – Some Examples
9:05 – Leverage LinkedIn
10:35 – The Insights Of Analytics
12:15 – Social Engagement Tells
13:25 – Back The Jockey or The Horse
15:15 – Time vs. Resources
17:00 – Big Challenges – Big Rewards


Jason Greenwood is a true digital native, having worked for over 15 years in the digital and eCommerce space in Australia and New Zealand. He has worked both agency side and merchant side and founded (2003), built, then sold (2010) his own highly successful eCommerce pure-play –

Jason worked agency side as an eBusiness Consultant for well known digital agency Exceed Online for almost 5 years and as of the date of this video, is eCommerce Manager for the iconic natural health products retailer HealthPost New Zealand ( He attends most major eCommerce and Digital industry events in the ANZ region and has spoken at several.

In his ‘At the Coalface’ series, Jason shares his from the trenches thoughts, experiences, insights and advice with a growing audience interested in all things Digital, Business, Marketing, Social and eCommerce related. Jason’s goal is to pay it forward by providing you with practical, real world advice that you can use on a daily basis.



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