#AskMiyazaki 001 Social Media Marketing, Engagement, and the Not-So-Active

#AskMiyazaki 001 Social Media Marketing, Engagement, and the Not-So-Active

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How do we reach people who are *not* on social? Can food be engaging? If you only had one social media platform, which would you choose?

I’ve been answering digital marketing questions for over 20 years. Join me as I answer them here on YouTube and have a little fun at the same time.

To get answers you may or may not want, tweet your questions with the #AskMiyazaki hashtag and let’s talk about digital, social, branding, analytics, productivity, marketing, or whatever else keeps you up at night.

Today’s Questions:

1. John Lefebvre‏ @JohnLef3
#askMiyazaki If you had to choose only one social media platform that you can use, which one would it be?

2. Amanda‏ @_amandangarcia
#askMiyazaki how do you market your product or service to individuals that are not so active on social media?

3. rosaimee baca‏ @rbaca008
#askMiyazaki What do you think is the best platform/strategy for products that aren’t as engaging, like food, drinks etc?

4. Nikki Decker‏ @ndexx85
#AskMiyazaki What is the most important thing to remember before marketing your product on social media?

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