Affiliate Marketing Tips – Network Marketing – Building A Team

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Network Marketing – Building A Team

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INFINii is an eCommerce platform with training, tools, product co ops, and a digital marketplace. (Check out my other videos to hear more about INFINii.) For more information, watch this video:

Drop shipping? What is it?

We list items on eBay and other selling platforms from certain suppliers for sale.

Once we sell an item on eBay, they pay us for the product.

Then we order the product and put their address into the shipping and ship it directly to them.

We do not order anything until it’s sold on ebay.

We profit the difference in the price on every item we sell.

We do not keep an inventory or go to the post office to ship anything.

Zero risks involved since we do not buy anything until it’s sold!!

Check out this video to learn more about drop shipping –

To get more information on INFINii please make sure to get on the pre-launch list below. I will be offering exclusive bonuses to my team when it launches!

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