Affiliate Marketing Tips: How to Stay Away from Scams

Affiliate Marketing Tips: How to Stay Away from Scams

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There are a lot of Affiliate Training programs out there, and it is really important to learn how to determine if they are legit or a scam. In this video, I will talk about how to keep a close eye out and determine the safe route. There are three different types of training programs out there for affiliate marketing, the scams, the legits, and the ones that are legit, but you should probably still stay away from them.

I hope you enjoy this video on your journey to make money with affiliate marketing, and if you ever do fall for a scam, its okay as long as you use it as a learning experience and don’t fall for the same trick twice.

Have a great day!
Joshua Luck

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Credit to mentions in video:
Dan Brock- DeadBeat Super Affiliate (youtube)
Jason Stone- Digital Altitude
Van Boven- Yoonla Digital Lifestyle

Disclaimer: Not an affiliate for any of the programs, but I do recommend checking Dan Brock out on YouTube, he is the one who got me started with affiliate marketing

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