Adwire Video Marketing

Adwire Video Marketing

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I work with small businesses that are looking for marketing strategies to help their business grow.

As a Business Consultant for many industries, I help our clients with marketing strategies, direct marketing, viral marketing, and digital marketing. Alternatively, if you just need good business ideas or business marketing tips, we can help with that too.

• business development
• marketing strategies
• digital marketing
• business consulting
• small business consulting
• sales management

Performance Based Marketing
We work a little bit differently than most other business development / digital marketing firms, in that we have a “performance-based” methodology. Whereas, we are only paid when we perform. No results, no pay. We believe that’s only fair. After all, if you take your car to the mechanic and he / she does not fix the problem, would you pay them? Of course not. So why would you pay for someone that has not performed. This is not “magic” , you either deliver results or you don’t.

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