Adwerx can help! | Marketing in a Digital World with Denise Brewer

Adwerx can help! | Marketing in a Digital World with Denise Brewer

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Denise Brewer shares her digital marketing experience in this real estate video. She shares tips on how to build brand awareness and succeed in real estate.

One of the fastest growing companies in real estate technology, Adwerx provides brilliantly simple digital advertising to over 15,000 real estate customers across all 50 states. Adwerx is comprised of a team of savvy marketers, experienced software developers, and advertising veterans who are bound together by the simple belief that online marketing should work for everyone. For more information, visit


6. Adwerx can help! 3:23
We’ve talked about a lot of points. The basics of marketing, the building blocks for your small business, how to create that solid foundation that will carry you straight into success. That’s why I love AdWerx. AdWerx lets you decide where you want your digital sign placed. In front of your clients, your future clients, on the internet. It directs them wherever you want it to go. You’re achieving all of the main points of brand awareness, self-marketing.

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