– FREE Internet Marketing Tip … to help you make money online – FREE Internet Marketing Tip … to help you make money online

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This is another 6CIMA Power Blitz video giving free advice and tips for advertisers, bloggers and marketers.

And the topic for this video is … combines advanced technology, precise targeting and a quality network to generate results for Advertisers and Publishers. is a massive premium, cross-screen network.
Currently, claim to have 596 million unique visitors worldwide.

The strength of is the “network-exclusive access to AOL inventory”.
The company network includes both programmatic buying and proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP). assists marketers and media brands to reach consumers across multiple devices i.e. pc, laptop, mobile, tablet and connected TVs.
The entire process incorporates premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance driven campaigns.

Similar to recent 6CIMA videos on the topics of AdEngage, Adfish, adMarketplace and – may be explored from the viewpoint of an Advertiser/Marketer and/or the viewpoint of a Publisher.

From the viewpoint of an Advertiser/Marketer, “simplifies the landscape by extending brands to wherever consumers are with real-time, cross-platform optimisation”. offers the following to Advertisers/Marketers:

• Better Inventory
• Real Results
• More Data
• Top Technology

From the viewpoint of a Publisher, offers:

• Top Advertisers
• The Right Ads
• The Best Technology
• Consultative Approach

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