A Rising Digital Marketing Leader: Yamin Rahmin (Episode 2)

A Rising Digital Marketing Leader: Yamin Rahmin (Episode 2)

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This Exclusive Interview with Yamin Rahmin
is just as juicy as the first!

I actively seek out those who are making waves
in their business. I love speaking with these movers &
shakers to find out EXACTLY what they are doing
that’s propelling them forward.

The purpose of this videos is to guide you
towards becoming a LEADER within YOUR field
as well as give you ideas on what’s currently
working in the digital marketing arena.

Listen carefully as he shares with you:
1. What leadership means to him,
2. His daily method of operations,
3. What key factors transformed his life

*As a bonus: Also hear what 2 questions he asked Steve Jobs when they met.

I love hearing from you…
and invite you to share your greatest take-a-ways here:

If you love what Yamin had to say,
Connect With Him: www.ZenManners.com
or www.Yamin.Rahmin.com

Want To See More Interviews?
Connect with Zane: www.Zane-White.com

Download Oww vs WOW: https://goo.gl/YGYD2u

To Your Ultimate Success!

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