A Look at Digital Marketing for Business Growth at General Assembly

A Look at Digital Marketing for Business Growth at General Assembly

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Learn more about General Assembly’s day class, Digital Marketing for Business Growth. This workshop is designed for marketers and business owners who are looking to increase the number of qualified leads from their website.

We’ll give you a repeatable process for generating excellent content geared towards attracting your ideal customer, teach you how to interpret analytics metrics, and provide guidance on how build digital pathways into your business.

Our focus will be giving you Digital Marketing Philosophy/Theory and practical hands-on experience that directly relates to your company.

Key topics:
Identifying your buyer personas and target audience
Creating content that is relevant and interesting to your audience Medium specific tips for email, social media, and the web
Overview of Marketing Automation
A practical guide to lead scoring/grading
Tips for search optimization in 2014
Connecting with your audience through social channels
Reaching a larger, more targeted audience Interpreting analytics data and what metrics prove ROI
Creating a compelling marketing strategy

Content marketing is your lifeline to new, qualified leads
– Regularly checking your analytics will give you insight into the health of your marketing efforts
– Nurturing leads with valuable content prepares your sales team to turn leads into a happy customers.

Check out the class here: http://courh.se/BzuTw


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