A Comprehensive Guide to Online Presence, What website do I really need?

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Presence, What website do I really need?

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A Comprehensive Guide to Online Presence, What website do I really need? http://www.colmmcgill.com
The Internet has been great in shaping our lives, especially the way we get information and how fast anyone from anywhere in this world can get information, communicate, and sell/buy services/products.

If you are looking at the opportunity the internet has brought in business environment, hope you are more advanced that what I previously thought Internet could do. I just thought it was a matter of finding a web designer, design my website and wait for clients. Also I thought one of the ways I could have used as marketing strategies is to tell people to go to my website, or when sending out the emails, I would include my website URL then I could get visitors.

Not only that, I just thought I would put loads of images to keep people there, also would write great “about us” page that would sell, who cares?
At the end, we had a website designed, the site got visitors but the average stay was less than 10 seconds, and within first 500 sessions we had no any inquire…It was when we put the website down and learnt the basics.

Here below we will go through a guide to online presence, especially on this part, we will see what website we really need.
What website do I really need | Digital marketing consultant
A website is the biggest sales tool any business should have. You see not all potential and actual clients will come to your store; a website is your online store. Not all potential clients are looking to purchase your services/products every time they visit your site, sometimes they are learning, researching…so your website is an educational/trusted information source.
Potential clients find websites when they are searching for particular services/products, less clients will search for your business name…your website presence is needed.
This simply means an online presence is not only about having a website, or having social media accounts, or having a pretty images on website or having referrals coming to your site, it’s about your website getting found on top searches when your potential clients are searching for services/products you offer.
Common Mistakes on website | A guide to online presence
Who is your customer? A comprehensive guide to online presence
The business owners know their customers in real life, but when it comes to designing a website they are likely forgotten. Most people design websites for themselves and not for their potential clients. The best way to think about your potential client before you really know what your website should look like, try to go after the services you are offering.
You are selling English classes online, so try to buy or just search English classes online.
One of the great features you will consider a website to be relevant and reliable to give you great classes online should be the great features of your website then.
we are making websites to be able to increase sales.
Guys you already know that we are making websites to be able to increase sales. We are designing website to drive traffic to our businesses. We want people to come to our website, but the only reliable way of driving traffic is to be found on search engines results pages…at least with a proper on page optimization the search engines would consider your webpage.

In a nutshell, on page optimization for your website needs understanding of what you are offering, and make sure key feature of your website presents that.

Let me use this simple description
A comprehensive guide to an online presence
I have done a search on Digital marketing consultant, and took that screenshot.
The blue line is the title and possibly the heading of the webpage I will land to when I click.
The Green one, is the URL of the webpage where I will be going
And the black one is the description of what’s the page about

Guys that is it for today, thank you for reading, I will appreciate and constructive comment on how we can help more business get a great online presence.
Talk soon

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