8 Ways Digital Marketing Is Like Dating

8 Ways Digital Marketing Is Like Dating

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Humans first build friendships and intimate relationships in a predictable sequence of steps. The steps build trust.

With your customer, these steps encourage buying.

These days we can create automated sequences of communications targeted to specific groups to create this sequence. People want to feel like they are being treated like an individual—not one of the herd.

You must find customers where they are, not where you want them to be.

Great marketing is done by people who “get out of the way” to understand what their customers are experiencing, feeling and thinking – by talking to customers directly and asking direct questions.

We get self-centered and think of ourselves in marketing rather than thinking of our customer. Like when going on stage, and clamming up thinking about yourself and your ego getting in the way.

In many ways, this is JUST LIKE DATING.

If you approach your marketing like you would approach landing a hot date…you’ll be on the right track. It’s all about figuring out how to get that one ideal prospect to take an interest in you, and then continuing to engage them from there.

Here are 8 ways digital marketing is like dating:
1. The first step is to determine who you’re looking for.

Narrow your focus. Your marketing as well as your dating will be significantly more successful if you have an idea of the person you’re looking for. Who’s your ideal date—or your ideal customer? Why are you trying to attract them?

2. Next, you need to get to know the person you’re trying to attract.

What does this person value? Think in terms of the individual, not a group. What does this one ideal date (or ideal customer) daydream about? What does this person want to avoid? What keeps them up at night? How do they like to spend their free time? Where do they hang out, online and offline? What gets them fired up, both negatively and positively?

3. Then, you must figure out what challenge or problem this person trying to solve.

If they aren’t looking, then why are you trying to attract them? Look for people (i.e. customers) that are looking for YOU.

4. Now, you need to know what other options they have.

Who else out there is offering a solution to the challenge or problem this person has? How are you the same? What makes you different?

5. Then the art and the science begins: how are you going to communicate to this person that you can produce or offer what they are looking for?

Review what this person values and consider the outcome they want (either from a date or from purchasing your product or service).

What’s the physical result they want (from a date or from the product or service)?

What’s the emotional result?

What’s the mental result?

How can you signal to them that you can meet those expectations (or even exceed them)?

6. Get specific.

Generalizations attract no one. You want to be specific and direct about how engaging with you is going to deliver the specific benefits this person is after…AND help them avoid what they don’t want. You want to communicate it with grace and integrity; aim to be direct without being pushy.

7. Make them feel special and exclusive.

No one wants to think they’re just another date among 5 others in the same week…and, likewise, no customer wants to feel like they’re one of the herd. People want to feel like they are being treated like an individual.

8. Meet them where they’re at, not where you want them to be.

This is a biggie, folks. If someone’s not ready to date, or not ready to go home with you afterward…respect that. Get to know them better. Build a relationship with them over time.

Same with sales and marketing: most objections are actually created by the person trying to sell because they’re trying to persuade someone to buy too early. You have to build trust first—in dating or in marketing.

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