#7 Optimize your social media profiles & the importance of Landing Pages – ActionCOACH North Houston

#7 Optimize your social media profiles & the importance of Landing Pages – ActionCOACH North Houston

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Learn SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media and create an online marketing strategy for business owners.

DIY SEO & Digital Marketing for business owners – ActionCOACH North Houston

Video 7 – Optimize your social media profiles with professional photos, keywords, skills, to increase credibility and to rank for keywords. Also

Hear Bob Keplinger, certified business coach, speak with business owners about how to create an Online Digital Marketing Strategy for their business. This 7th video in the series by ActionCOACH North Houston, who provides Executive Coaching Services for small to medium sized businesses in and around North Houston introduces some terms and strategies. Bob provides workshops, seminars and training on Sales, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Sales & Marketing Strategies for businesses in The Woodlands, TX.

ActionCOACH North Houston also provides training, workshops and seminars on business growth, business valuations, planning and quarterly goals. Bob’s expertise is in

This series was held 11/12/2015 and 30 business owners took advantage of two hours of free digital marketing tips and information to help them effectively participate in the world of digital marketing and be successful at creating an online marketing strategy for their business.

Bob Keplinger offers other free workshops for professionals who want to succeed. Team training, Group coaching, Quarterly planning sessions will help your team achieve the elusive ‘next level.’

To watch the entire video series, click here:

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In business and in life, we don’t know what we don’t know. By attending workshops, reading, and listening to the world around you, you can change the way you think and learn. It’s in you to be successful, let me help you get and stay on track.

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This video: https://youtu.be/JycLidwgJsI

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