7 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips

7 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips

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http://terryneraasen.com/emp/ – The seven most important Internet Marketing Productivity Tips, at least in my estimation are outlined below. Success in internet marketing and any home based business rests on four major pillars of which your personal productivity is one. This video discusses 7 internet marketing tips to increase and maintain a top level of productivity as you build your network marketing or mlm business.

These internet marketing tips include goal setting, establishing routines, getting into the proper mindset, choosing one or two internet marketing strategies, managing your use of time and making time for family and friends.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 1
Set specific goals for your business and for your monthly, weekly and daily activities. These should be very specific, written, have a date for completion and be measurable and measured. It helps if you write them down, read them every day and think of them in the present tense; as though they have already been accomplished.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 2
Spend 90% of your time on money making activities. Those include marketing or generation leads, communication with and prospecting those leads and people already in your list or organization, and creating content. The content you put out on your blog or in your videos or articles is how you create value and attract people to you. All of these activities are what will make you money online. Prettying up your blog header is not necessarily a money making activity.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 3
Create routines for everything you do. Just like you have a specific routine for the various exercises you do in a body building regimen, so too should you have detailed routines you follow for your daily activities and you market your business.

Set routines for when you get up in the morning, when you go to bed, when you deal with email and return phone calls, and so on. These all help in forming good habits and if practiced consistently will increase your internet marketing productivity in all areas.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 4
Manage You in time. We can’t manage time; it marches on with or without us. But we can manage how we use our time. Schedule everything. This is closely related to Internet Marketing Productivity Tip 3 but is not just a routine. It is establishing timelines for all routines and activities. So schedule when and what amount of time you will devote to your emails, phone calls, creating content, exercising, etc. Use Google Calendar or a similar tool and even consider having a timer on your desk to keep you on track.
2:51 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 1 Set Goals
5:08 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 2 90% on MMA
7:15 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 3 Establish routines
9:25 Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 4 Manage You in time
12:30 Internet Marketing Productivity Tip 6 Pick one marketing strategy
14:02 Internet Marketing Productivity Tip 7 Time for family and friends

Internet marketing Productivity Tips 5
Get in the proper mindset before launching your marketing activities for the day. Many people find it useful to get some cardio exercise early in the day where they visualize their activities and success for the day. They then follow that with some personal development by reading articles or books about personal development. They are then ready for a day of maximum productivity.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 6
Chose one, at the most two, marketing strategies or methods, learn it or them, master them and don’t move on to another until you get the results you want. Use video marketing, blogging, article marketing, Social Media marketing or any strategy you are comfortable with. Stick to it.

Internet Marketing Productivity Tips 7
Make time for friends and family. You probably spend a lot of hours on your business that takes away from family time so you need to schedule time for them and for relaxation. Unless you do you’ll burn out and your relationships with family and friends will deteriorate. That won’t help your productivity and the other Internet Marketing tips won’t be as effective as they could be.

A home based business, whether it is an internet home business or a brick and mortar one, requires discipline and commitment. It is important to be selective, organized and persistent if internet marketing success is to be achieved. Hope this is of help to you.
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