5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

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5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips …By HOPE MEDIA GROUP

1. Take Advantage of Your Profile Summary

The “secret sauce” of LinkedIn marketing is your profile, especially your profile summary. I often call your summary, your silent salesperson. Look at your headline (right underneath your photo) and your profile summary as a sales letter selling you, your products, your services. Just as any online sales letter will generate more sales if it gets more traffic, you’ll generate more business on LinkedIn in direct proportion to the number of profile views you get. So, one of your main marketing goals on LinkedIn should be to generate more views of your profile.

2. Use Shorter Titles for Your Content

If you’re using blogging on LinkedIn to generate traffic, each of your posts has a title, right? Turns out shorter titles are much better for a variety of reasons. One, people don’t really read online, they scan. Two, a lot of people are looking at your content on their phones. Longer titles just don’t work that well on mobile devices.

3. Make Your Articles Easy to Read

Again, at least half of your viewers are looking at your article on their phones. While phones have gotten bigger in the past few years, they’re still not as big as a computer monitor screen. In addition, the ratio of height to width is completely different. Phones are more vertical. Computer monitors more horizontal. To that end, you need short paragraphs, short sentences, and fewer sentences in each paragraph. Make your content visually easy to read!

4. Write How to Articles

“How To” Articles have been proven to attract more eyeballs than other formats. Makes sense. There are millions upon millions of searches on Google every day that include the words, “how to”! Create content that show people how to do something useful in their business or online, and you’ll have a flood of traffic!

5. Use Other Social Media Platforms to Generate Traffic

Use other social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, to get more traffic to your LinkedIn blog articles. Then take that traffic off of LinkedIn and to your own blog, or even better to a squeeze page where you offer them a freebie in exchange for their valid email. This is a great way to build an audience of repeat readers and to expand your reach and influence!

Start implementing these tips and watch your traffic, optins, leads, and sale soar!

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