5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

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http://www.smartpassiveincome.com – There are a lot of big SEO strategies and rules out there to help you gain some ground in the search engine rankings. That said, sometimes it’s the small things you do with SEO for your site that can make the difference so you can outrank a competing website.

Here are 5 Quick Mini SEO Tips to help you gain an edge over your competition and hopefully, in time, surpass them in the search engine rankings (and hold your position).


  • Imtiaz Ahmed Reply

    Mini but Really Helpful tips for improving SEO.

  • Melinda Todd Reply

    It makes me so happy when I watch a video like this and I am already doing
    all of the tips! :) I’m getting there slowly!

  • Influx Strategies Reply

    Its a pile of pebbles, not a stack of bricks.

  • supertones31 Reply

    Ridiculous. I’m considering down voting so no one else can see this :)
    JK.. upvoted! 

  • Teri Bocko Reply

    Thank you! This is terrific and so easy to make the necessary adjustments. 

  • Manie Walia Reply

    Great Video Pat – Quick Question: (Anyone)

    I’ve created my pretty link (which is an affiliate link) and when I check
    the source code I can’t find where it says ‘no follow’ in the source

    Am I worrying too much… does it automatically create the ‘no follow’ but
    just doesn’t mention it in the source code….

    I hope so because I can’t see it in the code, can anyone reassure me of
    this… :) 

  • Philippines Outsourcing Companies Reply

    These tips really help me in promoting my websites. Appreciate the tips you
    shared. Thanks again.

  • Delana Coetzee Reply

    Thanks Pat, for another Super helpful video.Have not implemented any of the
    5 tips before, will get cracking on it right away!

  • the merrymaker sisters Reply

    Thanks for sharing Pat! 

  • Gergana Hadzhieva Reply

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  • AlkoSpace Inc Reply

    Hi Pat! What is your opinion on info-graphics?

  • Vukica Kuzet Reply

    My phones notifications wont shutup from all these leads! I gave *SPEEDRANKSEO.
    COM* a try and it works! My website ranked on the top 5 of google 

  • zuhair alpanaa Reply

    > My blog getting over 80,000 new traffics on google. All I use is *SPEEDRANKSEO.

  • Mark Jonson Reply

    Very impressive and informative too

  • Mamie Stacy Reply

    Thanks for sharing the tips! Will start implementing them.

  • Perlin Earth Reply

    Great video and tips, Thanks :)

  • Mark Narusson Reply

    Thanks Pat, some useful insights that I can start implementing on my own

  • Larrys mlmtips Reply

    Thanks for the SEO tips! I just love the world of SEO!

  • Dolly Clarke Reply

    Thanks Pat, this is fabulous. It has helped me tremendously.

  • J.W. Powell Reply

    This is really good stuff! Thanks Pat!

  • Tech Chuck Legg Reply

    Thanks for sharing Pat, good information.

  • android mobile Reply

    very good 

  • Kristen Poborsky Reply

    Great information, good to know I was doing most of these things already
    but you covered some things I wasn’t even aware of! Easy to understand and
    easy to implement – thank you so much!

  • Aff Pinions Reply

    The image tip is a very good one.

  • Adelle Ramcharan Reply

    great vid

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