5 Facebook Marketing Sales Call Tips | Billy Gene Is Marketing Episode #25

5 Facebook Marketing Sales Call Tips | Billy Gene Is Marketing Episode #25

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http://www.billygeneismarketing.com So I wanted to switch things up a bit to introduce you to the most important thing at our Facebook ad agency – Facebook marketing sales tips.

I don’t care what kind of business you’re in, if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to know how to sell. It’s your job. Maybe you’re selling your team on the vision of where you want to take your company, maybe it’s selling to customers, maybe is selling yourself on why you make the sacrifices you do.

So, I want to give you some tips on how to make sales through your Facebook marketing. This article will have a narrow focus on selling one-on-one on the phone. Listen, if you’re only collecting e-mails, and you hope to automate your entire sales funnel … Shut Up! You’re leaving WAY too much money on the table with that thinking. Through your Facebook marketing you should be able to develop leads that you can talk to and makes SALES.

Prospects need to know who they may be doing business with, so at some point in the process, you’ve got to get on the phone. Here are several Facebook marketing sales tips that will make the process easier for you.

5 Tips to Close High-Ticket Sales

Here are sales best practices for the phone. These specifically deal with how to sell one-on-one on the phone, which is the best way to close high-ticket products or services, such as Facebook marketing or other advertising services.
Facebook Marketing Sales Tip #1: Gauge Awareness

So, what exactly does that mean? This is where you check out the scope of a potential phone call. You need to see if the decision maker is available to talk. He may be out of the office, or in a meeting.

Now, provided you are able to talk to the decision maker, you have to see how much he actually knows about your company. Is he even familiar with your brand? Is this a cold, warm, or really hot lead?

Next, ask him about his business, how he makes money; learn a little bit about him. If you start selling to someone and you don’t understand what his needs are, you may end up wasting your time.

Facebook Marketing Sales Tip #2: Know his pain points

While you’re investigating his needs and goals, find out what his pain points are. What challenges does he face in running and growing his business. Also find out his challenges with getting customers and/or keeping current customers.

Facebook Marketing Sales Tip #3: Find out why he reached out

Why did he call in the first place? You obviously became the go-to source for something. He believed you have an answer to something for him, some kind of problem he need solved. Find out what that is, get him talking about it and he’ll practically sell himself on working with you.

Facebook Marketing Sales Tip #4: Find out and handle his objections

Probably the most common objection for Facebook and other marketing services is the cost. If someone tells you your service is too expensive, first of all, you didn’t do your job because he’s not really seeing the value in your product or service. In his mind, the price exceeded the value.

Facebook Marketing Sales Tip #5 Getting payment on the phone

I think this one is giganderous! Too many times buyers are liars, and liars are buyers.

In other words, people will come on the phone and say, “Look, I just want to talk. I have some questions, but there is no way I’m going to enroll today.” And they end up enrolling. Happens all the time. Then there are those people who say, “I’m ready to go, I’m ready to do this.” But they don’t buy. That happens a lot too.

Present your pricing, and get a commitment on the phone — right then and there. Don’t let him leave without having given you a credit card number or PayPal or whatever for payment.

If you don’t get a financial commitment before he gets off the phone, 9 times out of 10 you’ll never get it. Oh, he’ll say he’s going to call you back, but you’ll never hear from him again. He’ll become a Houdini. Here one moment, gone the next.

My team will even go so far as to ask what to do if the prospect’s payment doesn’t come through. Often he’ll tell us to keep contacting him. And we do. It might take 12 times before we get through, but we keep calling (because the prospect gave us permission to) until we get through and get a yes or no.

And if we find the prospect isn’t good about answering the phone, we’ll send a text (identifying us and our phone number), along with a quick note that we’re trying to follow up like he asked. We’ll then follow the text immediately by another phone call.
That really gets attention, and most people pick up that call right away.

If it’s possible, copy/paste a picture of yourself into the contact form to help break the ice. No one wants to talk to a stranger.
If you found these tips on how to sell helpful, would you mind passing them along to a friend or colleague? Thanks!

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