5 Essential Hybrid Digital Marketing Skills to Develop Now

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If you want to stay competitive in 2017, here are5 Essential Hybrid Digital Marketing Skills to Develop Now.
1. Analyzing Data
Digital marketing gives marketers an abundance of data about their customers. It tells us where they live, what language they speak, their income and even the causes and interests close to their hearts.

2. Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge
In 2016, 20% of entry level and mid-level job postings required HTML and CSS knowledge. Yet, only 3% of digital marketers have this skill set on their CVs.

The reason demand has been steadily increasing for this skill set is because businesses now expect marketers to handle certain tasks on the backend of their websites and be able to create visual email campaigns from scratch.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Google is our master, and we are all its slaves. This is a truth that all digital marketers must face and why it is so imperative to understand how SEO works.

By helping our clients or company rank higher in search engine search results, we can help to generate more leads, increase traffic to our website and grow our audience reach.

4. Content Marketing
Over the years, audiences have stopped buying print media, prefer to record their television shows so they can skip the adverts and have become banner blind online. In short, all the old tactics of making a consumer aware of your business have died out or are met with a stronger resistance compared to ten or twenty years ago.

Enter content marketing. Companies have started to realize that if they provide useful information to their clients, they can attract highly engaged leads and see higher conversion rates. It is why 78% of CMO’s think content marketing is the future and are expanding their budgets for 2017 to generate more content for the new year.

5. Graphic Design
Once you have a content marketing plan in place, the next step is to design content that converts. From an attractive landing page to useful information, all these elements work together to increase ROI.

However, small businesses cannot afford to keep a graphic designer on payroll every time they need an infographics or a new landing page.

It is because of this demand for visual content that it has fallen onto digital marketers to develop basic graphic design skills. By investing some time to learn basic design elements, it will make using tools like Canva that much easier and help you remain a sought after candidate on the job market.

by Sarah Lee
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