5 Digital Strategy Tips for Influencers [Video Podcast] April 15th 2016

5 Digital Strategy Tips for Influencers [Video Podcast] April 15th 2016

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5 Digital Strategy Tips for Influencers [Video Podcast] April 15th 2016
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We recently asked Shawn Herring, Co-Founder and CMO of Torchlite, a successful digital marketing firm based in Indianapolis, about his best digital strategy advice on influencer marketing. In this video, he shares the importance of making senior leadership in your company into influencers—and why giving away your secrets is one of the best ways to get customers coming back for more.

Shawn Herring’s top five digital strategy tips for influencer marketing:

1. There is a lot of great technology out there designed to help marketing specialists do their job better and more efficiently, but we’ve found that too few people know how to use it properly. Worse, companies are trying to use that software to replace actual people. The reality is that your people are still your most important asset in marketing.

Think about it: Would you invest in a product or solution from a company whose CEO has a blank space on their LinkedIn Profile where their picture is supposed to be? Company leaders should be front and center representing the brand and becoming influencers who inspire confidence in your company.

For us, we started by focusing on a couple of the co-founders to become industry influencers—myself and the CEO. We wanted to start at the top, making just two people very visible but for different reasons. Our CEO, Susan Marshall, is very strong in tech, has a great background with very big companies and big brands, and she can bring a lot of expertise to marketing in general. We’ve tried to position her to have a voice in the market about what companies should be doing regardless of the size. By contrast we’ve positioned me more as an expert on how exactly you use digital marketing to be effective—so we’re trying to cover both depth and breadth. But the key is to position your leaders at the front, so people will say, hey, I’ve seen Susan, or I’ve seen Shawn. Tell me more about your company.

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